Cartelle is an interactive studio based in Amsterdam. We deliver world-class digital experiences.

We are a multidisciplinary team of experts with a focus on design, motion, development and digital strategy.

Founded in 2008, Cartelle was born out of pure love for digital craftsmanship and the desire to make quality interactive work. We are a small and agile team of talented creatives and technologists that work closely with clients to deliver world-class digital experiences.

Cartelle specializes in concepting, art direction, design and technical realization. Our work spans across all mediums and platforms, partnering with both brands and agencies around the globe. Our team has over 10 years of experience in the interactive field, with expertise in Information Architecture, User Experience Design and Creative Programming.

How we work

Phase 1: Discovery

During the initial stage of a project, the client provides a clearly developed brief. Through both creative concepting and technical discovery, the brief is thoroughly addressed. The discovery phase takes place along-side the client to set a clear foundation for the project.

Phase 2: Pre-production / Creation

After the discovery phase, a final creative and technical direction is developed. Prototypes are created while mechanics and behaviors are refined. The concept and creative execution are exhaustively explored.

Phase 3: Production

In the final phase, all pages defined in the Interactive Design Document (IDD) are executed. This includes tasks such as programming, animation, sound design and asset production. Assets and behaviors are continuously polished until the site enters a testing phase.


  • Digital Strategy
  • Interactive Design
  • Brand Design
  • Information Architecture
  • Front-end Development
  • Serverside/CMS Development
  • Sound design
  • Quality Assurance


Creative Director

The primary focus of the CD is conceptualization, digital strategy, aesthetic oversight, and to provide insight into interactive behaviors and mechanics.

Technical Director

The TD provides technical oversight at all stages of the project, aids project management in technical planning, deployment oversight, research and internal development, and keeps the team informed on the latest technologies.

Project Manager

The Project Manager oversees the production process, formulates scheduling and scoping documentation, and most importantly the PM maintains client relationships with a collaborative attitude.

Creative Developer

The Creative Developers work closely with the design team to deliver a polished end-result. They are experts in producing responsive interactive behaviors by utilizing HTML5, CSS3, WebGL, Flash and Javascript along with a keen eye for motion design.

Art Direction and Design

The art direction and design role at Cartelle is the front-line of the fleet, providing pixel-perfect compositions ready for production on all devices. The art director and designer focus entirely on providing the freshest look while still being educated in technical feasibility.


Cartelle Studio

Elandsstraat 22
1016 SG Amsterdam
The Netherlands

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  • 05.19.2013 G-Star The Art of Raw
  • 01.22.2013 Converse Street Ready
  • 10.16.2012 Cartelle 2012 Mobile
  • 10.16.2012 Cartelle 2012
  • 07.01.2012 Twenty8Twelve
  • 09.28.2011 Scotch & Soda 2011
  • 06.15.2011 adidas Originals TNF
  • 10.30.2010 OMGWTFBBQ FWA SOTD
  • 08.13.2010 Scotch & Soda 2010
  • 03.29.2010 adidas Style Essentials
  • 09.19.2009 Imagining Mozambique
  • 03.15.2009 Cartelle 2009

  • 04.12.2013 G-Star The Art of Raw
  • 01.16.2012 Scotch and Soda Portraits
  • 10.07.2012 Cartelle 2012
  • 05.16.2012 Twenty8Twelve
  • 07.18.2011 Scotch & Soda 2011


We work with both agencies and brands world-wide. Our past partnerships range from agencies such as Sid Lee (adidas), W+K (EA Sports) and Blast Radius to a variety of direct clients such as fashion label Scotch & Soda,
G-Star, Piet Boon and Sienna Miller's past fashion label, Twenty8Twelve.

We're always on the lookout for new collaborations, so please feel free to get in touch with new project inquiries.